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Punditas Knowledge Maps

Punditas Knowledge Maps identifies gaps in your Product & Process Training by creating an inventory of people, process and technologies used in your organization

8 Facts about New hires and cost to Productivity

Delays due to unshared knowledge have a major impact on project schedules. 66% of all such delays will last up to one week, and 12% will last a month or more. Learn how Punditas can help

Enterprise Users in the age of Self-Reliance 

Enterprise Users are wasting a lot of time finding Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Best Practices for CAD/PLM/IoT/ERP/Enterprise Applications. Learn how Punditas AI can help!

The High cost of chasing CAD-PLM-IoT-Enterprise information

Enterprise Users are wasting time chasing information. Artificial Intelligence can help. Learn how Punditas AI platform is the gateway to the knowledge captured in external as well as internal sources

7 facts about Product & Process training for Enterprise Users

Users must gain Product knowledge to use CAD/PLM/Enterprise Softwares effectively. How are they gaining Product & Process knowledge today?

Enterprise Users in the Age of On-Demand

We are living in the Age of On Demand. Are your Users able to find Tips, Tricks,Tutorials, Best Practices for CAD/PLM/Enterprise Applications when they need it and on-demand?

There's an online discussion happening With or Without You!

You can read a few 1000 online comments but not thousands. And... new comments are added every minute for CAD/PLM/IoT/ERP/Enterprise Softwares!!!Learn how Punditas AI Advisor can help

Enterprise Users in the Age of Changing Expectations

A new generation of employees, a new set of expectations. AI, Machine Learning can help with dissemination of CAD/PLM/IoT/ERP/Enterprise knowledge based on Users style & preferences. Punditas AI can help

Information Overload of CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP Enterprise Users

We are living in the Age of Information Overload. Information bombardment has left CAD/PLM/IoT/ERP/Enterprise Users with a short attention span. Learn how Punditas AI can help

Explore how reusing rich 3D models can help you manage complexity

Model-Based Definition (MBD) is a prerequisite for achieving Model-Based Enterprise, but the realities of implementing MBD have traditionally been fraught with challenges. Learn how Punditas MBE Advisor can help you explore what MBD is to implementing and measuring success of MBD and MBE initiatives

Should Your Organization Implement MBD? [Interview]

Some say that model-based definition (MBD), the practice of adding engineering information to a 3D model, can help improve productivity and quality, while also reducing costs. But, is MBD still “faster, better and cheaper” if your team’s productivity suffers as you implement new processes and systems?

For Better Product Quality, Explore MBD [Interview]

If you’re an engineer or designer, you’ve probably already heard about model-based definition (MBD), the practice of adding non-geometric engineering information to a 3D model. But are the benefits worth the effort of changing the way an enterprise has been doing things for a very long time?