About Punditas AI Platform

AI platform for Enterprise Knowledge Management

AI enables organizations make smarter decisions with data. Punditas AI platform unlocks the value of 5 different types Enterprise Application content by using Machine Learning,Cognitive computing, Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics to Discover, Curate and Deliver meaningful, memorable, motivational and measurable information personalized for each User based on their style,preferences and areas of interest

The five different types of content for CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Softwares supported by Punditas AI include Product,Support, Customer, Marketing and Partner Content

About Punditas

Deep Learning with Punditas AI

Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning that analyzes data to gain insights into the wealth of knowledge hiding in content such as images, videos, etc. Punditas trained algorithms automatically recognizes objects, understand text within images, evaluates content for relevancy, etc. for CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Software data. The goal is to improve User productivity by automatically streaming relevant video tutorials, etc. when using Enterprise Software

Natural Language Processing with Punditas AI

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that rapidly transforms key content in a textual format into quantitative, actionable insights. Punditas AI uses NLP and Machine Learning to automatically discover the meaning and relationship within textual data (Marketing, Support, Customer, etc. data)for CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Softwares. Punditas trained algorithms automatically extract Key phrases, entities, topics to deliver personalized experience for Enterprise Users

Text Analytics with Punditas AI

Punditas AI uses Text Analytics to convert unstructured data about CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Applications into structured and meaningful data that can leveraged by Enterprise Users for addressing day-to-day issues when using these Applications. Punditas App Engine processes textual content from Bugs, Documents, Presentations, Online Discussions, etc. to tokenize and deeply analyze textual content

Information Clouds in Punditas AI

Powerful data mining & visualization techniques are used to identify patterns and trends hidden within the textual content for Bugs, Documents, Presentations, Online Discussions, etc. These trends may be not be spotted otherwise in the raw textual format. Information Clouds in Punditas summarizes a large amount of structured and unstructured text and provides the required context. Information clouds in Punditas provide Context, Clarity and Simplicity by visually engaging the user as compared to raw text

Graph powered Machine Learning with Punditas AI

Knowledge Graph in Punditas AI connects the dots between Enterprise Software Applications, Users and Application data and helps Users discover right information Just-In-Time based on each individual's style and preference