Punditas AI Platform
Key Features

Punditas AI platform offers Knowledge as a Service for CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Software. Punditas AI platform Discovers, Curates and Delivers five types of content that includes Tips, Tricks, Tutorials,Best Practises, etc. using AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing & Deep Learning methodologies. Punditas AI engine taps into millions of pieces of content stored within company's internal and 1000's of external sources of data

#1- Automatically monitor the Knowledge Needs of your Organization

Punditas AI engine enables Organizations get visibility into Users Pain Points and a line of sight into the areas where CAD-PLM-Enterprise Software Users need assistance and training

#2- Deliver targeted Training & Knowledge based on Enterprise Users pain points

Punditas Knowledge Paths enables Organizations to automatically deliver customized Training based on CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Users pain points, individual style, preferences and areas of interest

#3- Create an inventory of your Knowledge using Punditas Knowledge Maps

Punditas Knowledge Maps allow organizations to create an inventory of "What" knowledge exists "Where" and in "Which" people, sources and repositories for CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise softwares

#4-Analyze gaps in Training & Knowledge dissemination with Punditas Knowledge Flow

Punditas Knowledge Flow analyzes the flow and impact of knowledge within your organization. These maps identify bottlenecks and show where your CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Users go when they need help

#5-Deploy AI driven Self-Help platform for CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Users

Punditas Knowledge Graphs enable Enterprise Users to access Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Best Practices, etc. upto twelve dimensions of info based on each individual's personal style, preference and area of interest

#6-Reward Enterprise Users for Continuous Learning

Punditas Tips & Tricks module rewards CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Users with Product Knowledge & Points for learning, sharing, tagging Tips, Tricks or Techniques. Users with highest number of points get inducted into the Hall of Fame. Accrued Points can also be exchanged for gift cards

Continuous Learning
#7-Proactively monitor Enterprise Software Issues

Punditas Admin Advisor curates information from 100's of sources to alert CAD-PLM-IT-Business Applications Owners about Application Issues, Regressions, Workarounds for Enterprise Software

#8-Troubleshoot & Resolve User related issues

Enterprise Software environments are complex with numerous cross-product dependencies. CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Users expect immedieate answers when stuck with an issue. Punditas Admin Advisor allows rapid investigation & resolution of issues through the use of Knowlede Graphs

#9-Strategize & Upgrade CAD-PLM-Enterprise Software

Punditas Admin Advisor helps with assessing compliance and security risks by performing What-If analyses on 3rd party components such as Java, Browsers versions for your CAD-PLM-Enterprise Software environments

#10-Explore, Learn and Understand about MBD/MBE/Model Based Journey

Whether your organization is exploring what MBD & MBE can do for you or are already on the MBD/MBE/Model Based journey. Punditas Model Based Advisor helps educate stakeholders about MBD/MBE concepts, Maturity Levels, Business value of MBD/MBE and identifies champions/goto people for these initiatives

#11-Assess & Track Business Value of Model Based journey

Punditas collaborative platform helps you establish the ROI of your Model Based journey through integrated SWOT calculators, Voting mechanisms, Impact Indicators etc. Punditas Model Based Advisor guides your investments in MBD and MBE initiatives

#12-Establish your Model Based Maturity Model

Punditas AI platform offers numerous industry based Model Based Maturity Models Out of the Box. Companies can configure or create Maturity Models and establish their Model Based Readiness

Roadmap your Model Based initiative

Punditas Model Based Advisor helps organizations articulate & communicate the strategic thinking around MBD/MBE initiative and the organization's plan for getting from “here” to “there”. Dashboards in Punditas enables stakeholders obtain real time updates on the status of Model Based initiative

Measure, Track Model Based progress

With Punditas Model Based Advisor organizations can measure five critical parameters in real time such as (1) Readiness of targeted Maturity Level (2) Perceived value of MBD/MBE initiative(3) People Readiness (4) Process Readiness (5) Technology Readiness

Educate, Empower & Engage your organization company on the Model Based Journey

The dedicated "Educate" module in Punditas Model Based Advisor helps educate extended organization about Maturity Levels, business benefits,risks,challenges of MBD/MBE. A configurable lexicon enables organizations to align all stakeholders around MBD/MBE lingo