Punditas AI are a global team of talented individuals that are passionate about bringing AI, Machine Learning and Visualization technologies to Enterprise Softwares and Processes in innovative ways. A team of serial entrepreneurs, our management team draws on decades of collective experience across successful startups and have held senior & founding positions in Aerospace, Defense and Product Development companies.

About Punditas

About Punditas AI Team

What we believe

  • That there’s a story behind every piece of data that's out there about CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Application Softwares
  • Enterprise Application Data is not equal to Enterprise Product Knowledge
  • Out of Sight is Out of mind. Unless the data is seen within Enterprise Users context
  • Learning is shaped by the context in which a person’s learning takes place
  • It's not about Enterprise Data. It's about the Insights

What we do

  • From Disparate information silos to connected, curated and structured single source of Knowledge
  • From hoarding information to connecting and collaborating on information
  • From Analysing human conversations around us to predicting Enterprise User needs
  • Helping you make big decisions by using large amounts of small data

How we can help

  • Digital Transformation initiatives
  • Enterprise Product/Process Training
  • Knowledge Management initiatives
  • Model Based Definition & Model Based Enterprise initiatives
  • AI driven Self Service Platform for CAD-PLM-IoT-MES-ERP-Enterprise Application Software

Punditas Facts

Founded : Wakefield, MA, USA
Headquartered : United States, India
Offices : United States, India

15 Lincoln St, #199, Wakefield MA 01880
Ph: (+1) 781-474-3590
Email: contact@punditas.com

India :

1089, 16th Cross, Banashankari 2nd stage, Bangalore 560 070
Email: contact@punditas.com




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